Canadian Journal of Volunteer Resources Management (CJVRM)

Canadian Journal of  Volunteer Resource ManagementThe Canadian Journal of Volunteer Resources Management (CJVRM) is a non-profit publication highlighting the management of volunteer services in Canada. Originally published in the Spring of 1992, the CJVRM connected managers of volunteer resources throughout the country by providing a forum for sharing stories of successes and challenges in the field. Managed by a team of volunteers based in Ottawa, with regional representatives and contributors from coast to coast, the Journal published its final issue in December of 2016.

A special thank you to the many volunteers who contributed to the editorial team and built CJVRM since its initial founding and to the Regional Representatives for enriching the Journal through their knowledge, experience and impressive professional and community networks.

Archived copies of the Journal can be accessed below. Adobe Reader is required to view the issues. Articles have been published in the language in which they were submitted.

Canadian Journal of Volunteer Resources Management (CJVRM)
9.4 Managing in the New Millennium CJVRM_2000-9.4-Managing_in_the_New_Millennium.pdf
9.3 Recruitment & Retention CJVRM_2000-9.3-Recruitment_and_Retention.pdf
9.2 Financial Management CJVRM_2000-9.2-Financial_Management.pdf
8.3 International Volunteerism CJVRM_1999-8.3-International_Volunteering.pdf
8.1 Education & Training CJVRM_1999-8.1-Education_and_Training.pdf
7.3 Volunteering in the Arts CJVRM_1998-7.3-Volunteering_in_the_Arts.pdf
7.2 Evaluation CJVRM_1998-7.2-Evaluation.pdf
7.1 Boards & Committees CJVRM_1998-7.1-Boards_and_Committees.pdf
6.4 New Visions CJVRM_1997-6.4-New_Visions.pdf
6.3 Conflict Resolution VRM_1997-6.3-Conflict Resolution.pdf
6.2 Screening VRM_1997-6.2-Screening.pdf
6.1 Labour Relations VRM_1997-6.1-Labour_Relations.pdf
5.4 Special Events Volunteers VRM_1996-5.4-Special_Events_Volunteers.pdf
5.3 Seniors VRM_1996-5.3-Seniors.PDF
5.2 Technology & Volunteerism VRM_1996-5.2-Technology_&_Volunteerism.pdf
5.1 Diversity VRM_1996-5.1-Diversity.pdf
4.4 Volunteers in Health Care VRM_1995-4.4-Volunteers_in_Health_Care.pdf
4.3 Legal Issues VRM_1995-4.3-Legal_Issues.pdf
4.2 Redefining Volunteerism VRM_1995-4.2-Redefining_Volunteerism.pdf
4.1 Mentoring VRM_1995-4.1-Mentoring.pdf
3.4 The Rural Voice VRM_1994-3.4-The_Rural_Volunteer.pdf
3.3 Coporate Volunteerism VRM_1994-3.3-Corporate_Volunteerism.pdf
3.2 Youth Volunteers VRM_1994-3.2-Youth_Volunteers.PDF
3.1 Marketing VRM_1994-3.1-Marketing.pdf
2.3 Negotiation VRM_1993-2.3-Negotiation.PDF
2.2 Taking Care of You VRM_1993-2.2-Taking_Care_of_You.PDF
2.1 Fundraising VRM_1993-2.1-Fundraising.pdf
2 Recognition VRM_1993-2.0-Recognition.PDF
1.3 Professionalism VRM_1992-1-Autumn-Professionalism.PDF
1.2 Special Needs VRM_1992-1-Summer-Special_Needs.PDF
1.1 Advocacy VRM_1992-1-Spring-Advocacy.PDF
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