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It's GivingTuesday: Donate to Volunteer Canada / C'est Mardi je donne : Faites un don à Bénévoles Canada

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Today is GivingTuesday. Volunteers make all of our communities better, which is why Volunteer Canada’s work is so important. We increase and support volunteerism across Canada by conducting new research, creating tools and resources and providing leadership and expertise.

The importance of screening volunteers / L’importance du filtrage des bénévoles

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Organizations have moral, legal and ethical responsibilities to the people they reach.

This includes members, clients, employees and volunteers. Screening is especially important for organizations that work with vulnerable people. Vulnerable people may include children, people with disabilities and senior adults.

The benefits of screening are:

Balancing Pro Bono Supply and Demand

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Written by: Linda B. Gornitsky, Ph.D.
President, LBG Associates

Member Profile: Alianait Entertainment Group

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Volunteer Canada’s membership includes over 1,200 individuals, voluntary sector organizations, volunteer centres, non-profits and companies of all sizes. They represent the Canada’s interest in keeping volunteerism strong.

Volunteer Canada features a different member on our blog every month. This month, we are pleased to feature Alianait Entertainment Group.


Donate to Volunteer Canada on GivingTuesday

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December 1st is GivingTuesday. Online donations made through and paid using Interac Online, will be matched by Interac up to $25 per donation. Choose volunteerism and donate to Volunteer Canada. 

International Volunteer Managers Day 2015 / Journée internationale des gestionnaires des ressources bénévoles 2015

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International Volunteer Managers Day takes place November 5. It is a day to recognize the hard work of those who engage volunteers.

Entrevue avec Paula Speevak

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Dans cette entrevue avec l'émission MISE À JOUR OUTAOUAIS, Paula Speevak, présidente et chef de la direction de Bénévoles Canada, donne un portrait global du bénévolat au Canada et parle du bénévolat dans les entreprises. 

Certified in Volunteer Administration (CVA)

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Certified in Volunteer Administration (CVA) is an international professional certification in the field of volunteer resources management.

Volunteerism and democracy / Bénévolat et démocratie

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Volunteer involvement has a powerful impact on Canadian society, communities, organizations and individuals. It is vital for strong, inclusive and resilient communities.

Member Profile: Volunteer Manitoba

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Did you know that Volunteer Canada’s membership includes over 1,200 individuals, voluntary sector organizations, volunteer centres, non-profits and companies of all sizes? They represent the country’s interests in keeping volunteerism strong.