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Sharing Best Volunteer Management Practices at the National RAP Conference / Partagez les meilleures pratiques en géstion du bénévolat à la conférence nationale PAR

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On March 9, 2017 Volunteer Canada participated in the National Refugee Assistance Program Conference 2017 in Ottawa. We moderated a panel entitled Building A Volunteer Base where participating organizations shared examples of best practices for managing volunteers to support newcomers and refugees to Canada.

Here are some highlights from the conference session:

National Volunteer Week 2017 Video / Vidéo Pour la Semaine de l’Action Bénévole 2017

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Volunteering comes in many forms and is as diverse as Canada itself. Volunteering, eh? How do you recognize volunteering in 2017?

April 23 to 29, 2017 is National Volunteer Week (NVW). Watch and share this video. Celebrate Canada’s 12.7 million volunteers and all those who put their values into action every day.



What Makes a Successful Employer-Supported Volunteer Program? / Qu’est-ce qui fait la réussite d’un programme de bénévolat appuyé par l’employeur?

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HRM Canada spoke with members of Volunteer Canada’s Corporate Council on Volunteering to ask: “What Makes a Successful Volunteer Program?” Here are some highlights from their conversations exploring volunteerism within corporate culture.

Planning Your NVW 2017 Events / Planification de vos événements de la SAB 2017

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Volunteering, Eh? How do you recognize volunteering in 2017? To help you plan your NVW events and make the most of your time, Volunteer Canada has put together a series of resources and check lists, which can be found in the Campaign Kit.

Volunteer Management Handbook: Evaluation and Recognition / Guide de gestion des bénévoles : Évaluation et reconnaissance

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The review of a volunteer’s time at the organization is called an evaluation. This includes addressing performance as well as gathering and providing feedback. Ask volunteers to provide feedback on programs as another way to evaluate programs.

An exit interview is a useful tool when a volunteer leaves your organization, no matter the reason. The volunteer role may have ended, or the role may not have been the right match for either the volunteer or the organization.

NVW Campaign Kit Highlights / Faits saillants de la trousse de la campagne de la SAB

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National Volunteer Week 2017 is just 8 weeks away!

With NVW 2017 approaching fast, we want to help you and your organization plan your campaign. Here are some highlights:

Investors Group Investing in Communities / Le Groupe Investors investit dans les collectivités

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Investors Group is a long-time partner of Volunteer Canada and National Volunteer Week. They are committed to corporate citizenship, volunteer recognition, and investing in communities across the Canada.

Volunteer Management Handbook: Rights and Responsibilities / Guide de gestion des bénévoles: Droits et responsabilités

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Engaging volunteers is a reciprocal relationship, and staff and volunteers work together as a team, understanding each other’s unique roles and assisting each other to accomplish mutual objectives. When it comes to assisting newcomers to Canada, it is especially important that staff and volunteers agree on their expectations of the relationship.

NVW 2017 Gift Store Now Open / La boutique en ligne de la SAB 2017 est maintenant ouverte

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April 23 to April 29, 2017 is National Volunteer Week (NVW), a time to celebrate and thank all of Canada’s 12.7 million volunteers and all those who put their values into action every day.

Volunteering, eh? How do you recognize volunteering in 2017?

However you recognize volunteering in 2017, one thing remains timeless…volunteer efforts have a positive impact in communities across Canada. So from April 23-29, we’re celebrating their efforts by offering NVW-branded recognition items!

Tips on Recruitment for Service-Providing Organizations Assisting Newcomers to Canada / Conseils sur le recrutement pour les organismes offrant des services d’aide aux nouveaux arrivants au Canada

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Welcoming volunteers to your organization starts with a comprehensive recruitment strategy. Before you start with the recruitment process, take the time to: