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Business and Community Engagement Series: Employee Volunteering

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Stephanie Robertson, President of
SiMPACT Strategy Group

Skilled volunteers: What's your next move?

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This fall, is focusing on boomers and seniors, some of our most skilled and experienced volunteers. "What's your next move?" is a campaign to encourage boomers and seniors to volunteer their talents, while also encouraging organizations to increase their capacity by reaching out to this knowledgeable demographic.

Member Profile: Southern Saskatchewan Community Foundation

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Did you know that Volunteer Canada’s membership includes over 1,200 individuals, voluntary sector organizations, volunteer centres, non-profits and companies of all sizes? They represent the country’s interests in keeping volunteerism strong.

Youth: The Future of Volunteering / Les jeunes : l’avenir du bénévolat

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Volunteering Outdoors / Pleins feux sur le bénévolat en plein air

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The time has finally come to enjoy the sunshine. A great way to get involved in your community is through outdoor volunteering.