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Snapshot: Healthy Resilient Communities Conference - A Student’s Perspective

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By: Lu Lu
Intern, Volunteer Canada          

Employer-Supported Volunteering / Le bénévolat appuyé par l'employeur

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Member Profile:

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Did you know that Volunteer Canada’s membership includes over 1,200 individuals, voluntary sector organizations, volunteer centres, non-profits and companies of all sizes? They represent the country’s interests in keeping volunteerism strong.

Volunteering and Retirement Planning / Bénévolat et planification de la retraite

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There are several good reasons why volunteering should be included in retirement planning: volunteering provides people with opportunities to stay active, learn, share and leave a legacy for future generations.  

Volunteering and Healthy Aging / Le bénévolat et le sain vieillissement

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You're invited to participate in a research study on microvolunteering!

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Share your feedback on National Volunteer Week 2014!

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Que retenez-vous de la Semaine de l’action bénévole 2014?

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Hotline Highlights: Remerciez Vos Bénévoles! - Part/Partie 2

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National Volunteer Week may be over, but you can still recognize your volunteers year round. Saying thank you often is a simple and powerful way to appreciate volunteers.  And there are many ways to say thanks! Here are some examples: