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Profil de membre : Réseau de l’action bénévole du Québec

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Profil de membre : Réseau de l’action bénévole du Québec

Saviez-vous que Bénévoles Canada compte plus de 1 200 membres à travers le pays, y compris des particuliers, des organismes du secteur bénévole, des centres d’action bénévole, des organisations sans but lucratif et des sociétés de tout ordre? Ensemble, ils défendent les intérêts du pays dans un bénévolat fort.

Welcoming Our New CEO: Reflecting on Change

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By: Ilona Dougherty
Chair, Volunteer Canada's board of directors & Executive Director, Apathy is Boring

VC Staff Welcomes New CEO (In their own words)

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Welcome to the VC team

Volunteer Canada staff is delighted to welcome Steven Tipman as their new President and CEO...“In their own words.”


Testing out Career Options by Volunteering

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By: Rachel Jenson
Career Advisor, University of Waterloo

We are constantly hearing about the challenges that young people face in seeking employment in their field of interest. As a Career Advisor at the University of Waterloo, I consult with students who are struggling to find relevant work experience and enter the job market. 

Member Profile: Volunteer Toronto

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Member Profile: Volunteer Toronto


Did you know that Volunteer Canada’s membership includes over 1,200 individuals, voluntary sector organizations, volunteer centres, non-profits and companies of all sizes? They represent the country’s interests in keeping volunteerism strong.

The Making of the 2012 Edition of the Screening Handbook: Reflections One Year Later

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By Paula Speevak Sladowski
Interim President & CEO


One year and hundreds of workshops, webinars and downloads later, I am reflecting on the intense and exciting process of Volunteer Canada creating the 2012 Edition of the Screening Handbook, on behalf of Public Safety Canada. 

Social Platforms for Social Good

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By Dorothy Engelman
Senior Partner, Q Media Solutions

A Response to the Volunteering and Older Adults report

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By Donna Lockhart
Partner with RETHINK Inc., the Ontario arm of Canada’s RETHINK GROUP

Meet some of Volunteer Canada's staff and see the shadows they cast

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This National Volunteer Week, we wanted to share some stories of how Volunteer Canada staff are involving themselves in their communities, and the effect it's had on their lives.

Meet Chantale and read about the work she does with Breast Cancer Action Ottawa.

A decade of support… for those who support us

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By Richard Irish
Vice-President, Community Affairs and Marketing Support, Investors Group

Every single day, volunteers support us in all that we do.

They coach, teach, mentor, nourish, campaign, build and listen – just to name a few of the essential services volunteers provide to keep Canadian communities everywhere healthy and safe.