Your Connection to Canada’s Volunteering Community

National Organizations

Volunteer Canada does not work alone. In our daily efforts to enhance and promote volunteering across Canada, we look to the leadership of other national organizations who share our vision. The skills, resources, insights and perspectives of our collaborators strengthen us. We work alongside other groups with pan-Canadian reach to push for a stronger voluntary sector network and, ultimately, more resilient communities.

Network of national organizations

This network brings together national organizations with members or affiliates that provide service in local communities and engage volunteers in delivering their programs and services. How does a national organization support local volunteering within a broad spectrum of engagement?  Are there new approaches, such as skills-based volunteering, that have pan-Canadian relevance? What are the current standards of practice regarding screening, Vulnerable Sector Checks and The Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement that are of interest to local memberships? Are you part of a national organization? Contact Paula Speevak-Sladowski at to get involved.