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National Volunteer Week, April 15-21, 2012 - News Headlines from Volunteer Canada

Apr 11, 2012

Volunteer Canada builds buzz around its 2012 National Volunteer Week campaign by launching the 2012 edition of the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement. Adding to the excitement is a new multi-year agreement which expands the annual National Volunteer Week campaign to a year-round effort – delivered in partnership with Investors Group, longstanding supporter of NVW and Canada’s corporate leader in volunteer recognition. NVW 2012 runs April 15-21 and more information is available at

“Volunteers are fundamental to the health of our communities nationwide because they support us and everything we do,” said Ruth MacKenzie, President and CEO of Volunteer Canada. “Recognizing Canada’s 13.3 million volunteers effectively inspires them to stay engaged and involved.”

The Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement increases awareness and understanding of the value of volunteers in community organizations. The Code is heralded nationwide for its content around best practices in volunteer engagement. Volunteer Canada recently updated this signature piece to reflect how volunteering has evolved over the past decade, in order to better support organizations in their efforts to effectively engage today’s volunteers.

“The Code sends a strong message to potential volunteers that they will be treated with respect, and that their efforts will make an impact on their community in alignment with an organization’s mission,” MacKenzie said. “Another great way to recognize volunteers is to provide them with meaningful, rewarding experiences – and the Code helps organizations do that.”

On Monday, April 16, the Code will be available on The 2012 anniversary edition was generously supported by PwC and The Home Depot Canada Foundation.

At the same time, Investors Group has demonstrated its continued commitment to volunteer recognition through a new three-year partnership with Volunteer Canada. The goal of the program is to integrate volunteerism into celebrations for Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017.

“Investors Group is proud to continue our partnership with Volunteer Canada and also support National Volunteer Week to encourage volunteerism across Canada,” said Murray Taylor, President and Chief Executive Officer of Investors Group. “We believe it is important for companies to take a leadership role in promoting volunteerism within their organization and their community and to recognize and thank volunteers for their generous donation of time and other resources.”

The multi-faceted campaign includes the national rollout of a Quebec-based volunteer recognition and certification program, titled Programme de reconnaissance des expériences de bénévolat (i.e., Volunteer Experience Recognition Program). Centre d’action de bénévole de Québec developed the program in 2004 and it has since been implemented across Quebec. Volunteer Canada is currently working with CABQ to adapt the program to English. Pilot testing begins this year with plans for the official national launch in 2013. The program is designed to formally thank volunteers by recognizing the specific ways in which they contribute to their communities.

As part of its work with Investors Group, Volunteer Canada also plans to undertake a new research study on how effective volunteer recognition is constantly in flux, given the evolving nature of volunteering. The new study aims to explore how best practices in volunteer recognition have changed over time, and how they can contribute to stronger volunteer programs, and ultimately, healthier communities across Canada.

Volunteer Canada will continue to deliver other core aspects of its NVW campaign to make recognition activity planning easier and more efficient for volunteer-involving organizations.

To learn more, everyone is invited to join Volunteer Canada and Investors Group as they co-host an interactive Facebook conversation about volunteer recognition on Tuesday, April 17 from 3 p.m. ET to-4p.m. ET. Ruth MacKenzie and Richard Irish, VP, Community Affairs and Area Marketing, Investors Group, will provide context and answer questions related to volunteer recognition. This interactive event takes place on Volunteer Canada’s Facebook page.

At Volunteer Canada (, we encourage all Canadians to get involved in their communities and we work with all types of organizations to engage today’s volunteers. Our expertise is backed by original research, practical knowledge, and our unique network of insight, which includes a broad range of organizations, from individuals to local volunteer centres to national corporations with thousands of staff.

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