Your Connection to Canada’s Volunteering Community

Recognizing those who offered to help welcome newcomers from Syria

Thank you for coming forward and offering to help welcome newcomers from Syria. We understand that many of you are still waiting to get involved and that this can be confusing and discouraging. Why haven’t you heard back from the organization you reached out to? Is your offer to volunteer no longer needed? Has your application been lost?

We want to thank you and recognize your generous offer to volunteer!  We also want you to know that many organizations have small staff and do not have the capacity to get back to everyone quickly. However, this is a very good problem. It demonstrates how many Canadians, like yourself, have stepped up to help.

So now what? Welcoming is an ongoing process that goes well beyond immediate settlement needs. In fact, it can take years to feel at home in a new community. We encourage you to explore other volunteer opportunities in your community and to expand your reach into areas that help to improve quality of life for newcomers and all Canadians!