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Response to Private Member's Motion M-299 - Volunteer Canada welcomes dialogue around volunteering

Feb 26, 2010

Volunteer Canada, the national voice for volunteerism, welcomes the intention of Canada’s Parliament to examine ways of fostering volunteerism in our country, especially among young people.

Presented by Justin Trudeau (MP – Papineau), a Private Member’s motion is calling for the Human Resources and Skills Development Parliamentary Committee to study the creation of a national youth service policy for Canada.

“We are pleased to see renewed dialogue in Parliament around volunteerism,” says Ruth MacKenzie, president of Volunteer Canada. “At a time of economic crisis, the contribution of volunteers is more important than ever before.”

“It is crucial that our government recognizes this and provides the necessary support to promote and enhance volunteerism in Canada,” adds MacKenzie.

In response to the motion, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, Ed Komarnacki expressed his support and added:

“This review could consider what sort of conditions best encourage the giving of time and money to charitable, volunteer and not-for-profit organizations and how we could provide more of that encouragement.”

Since 1977, Volunteer Canada has provided national leadership to front-line voluntary organizations and continues to develop standards and benchmarks that allow these organizations to respond to changes in volunteering. This leadership also allows front-line organizations to focus entirely on their own missions and mandates – providing quality direct service to Canadians.

Volunteer Canada looks forward to working with Canada’s Parliament to fully explore this vital issue, and will continue to look to our government to support the sector and Canada’s volunteers.