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Tools and Tutorials

Service Continuity Planning Tutorial

This online tutorial is designed to help you and your organization develop, implement and test a workable plan to prevent the interruption of mission-critical services in the voluntary sector, even in the event of a major disaster or service interruption.

Community Resiliency Handbook

This handbook is intended to facilitate the active engagement of the non-profit and voluntary sector in ongoing, collaborative community resiliency strategies and to support their participation in planning for, responding to and recovery from heath emergencies.

Prepare to Survive, Prepare to Help: Community Training in Emergency Planning for People with Disabilities

The BC Coalition of People with Disabilities and Volunteer Canada have partnered to create this training manual for non-profit organizations. The intent of the manual is to share what we have learned in our community work around emergency preparedness and help other communities increase their ability to respond in emergencies. With this manual, you can hold a one-day training workshop for non-profit and disability organizations.

C-MIST Power Point: The Functional Needs Framework

This presentation, contributed by The BC Coalition of People with Disabilities, provides an overview of the personal emergency preparedness planning process using the five categories of the Functional Needs Framework: Communication, Medical, Independence, Supervision, Transportation.

Social Organization Framework

This presentation focuses on social networks - relationships among individuals, families and their community.

Virtual Networks: Twitter

This presentation provides an overview of how to use Twitter during an emergency.

Virtual Networks: Facebook

This presentation provides an overview of how to use a Facebook page during an emergency.