Value of Volunteering Gallery


Value of Volunteering Gallery

We know that the value of volunteering comes in many different forms! Leading up to and throughout National Volunteer Week 2018, we will be releasing a series of images depicting various ways volunteers add value and build confidence, competence, connections and community. See one that resonates with you or reminds you of a volunteer in your life? Use the image, along with #NVW2018 and #ValueOfVolunteering on social media, to give a shout out and say thank you to a volunteer who has impacted you!




Sing your heart out! Volunteers keep choirs, bands, and orchestras in tune all across Canada!

Do you know someone who has brought music to your church, school, community centre, or neighbourhood? Take a moment and let them know just how much you value their volunteer involvement! 






Giving kids a sporting chance; volunteer coaches, trainers, and organizers score big across Canada

Sports cultivate important values in young people, and volunteers are essential to making this happen. Take a moment to let community sport leaders and organizers know how much you value the time they invest in your family!





Crafting the fabric of a nation; volunteers share their skills and bring warmth to our nation! 

Making quilts and blankets to distribute across communities is an unselfish activity of the highest order. If someone you know is busy with these crafts, tell them that it has enormous value!








The seeds of sustainability: volunteers breathe life into environmental causes across Canada! 

Next time you see a friend or neighbour cleaning up a park, a stream, a beach, or property, take a second and tell them how much you value the unselfishness of what they do! 







Developing a taste for philanthropy: volunteers teach younger volunteers that helping and giving tastes great!    

Raising money for schools, teams, and community groups plants the seeds of philanthropy in your youngsters. Make sure you thank them and tell them how valuable their volunteer work is! 








Standing with you: volunteers shine as personal advocates for people of all abilities!

Advocates are passionate people working for causes across all sectors. Together they enable Canadians to express, access and explore what matters most to them. Let them know how great their contributions are! 







Helping us reach out to the world: volunteers bring strength and vision to humanitarian causes!

Some people focus beyond our nation, working on causes that matter around the world. If you know someone who is helping create a better world, tell them how much you value their volunteer involvement! 







Dedicated to healing: volunteers in our hospitals, clinics, and homes bring comfort in times of need! 

Whether snuggling newborns or making home visits, volunteers working in the field of health are very special people. Let them know how much you value the heart and soul they put into their volunteer work! 






Speaking up, speaking out: volunteers help give Canadians a voice for change! 

Social change happens when people speak out and get others involved. If someone you know is working to make this a better world, tell them how much you value what they do!









Unlocking potential: volunteers share their knowledge to educate and build capacity in others!

When you put volunteers with the right skills in a room together, the results can change lives, neighbourhoods, nations. If someone you know is on a committee, panel, or board, tell them how much you value what they do!







Catalysts for action. Volunteers fuel the fires of social change!  

Movements become stronger when volunteers mobilize, organize, and motivate others to make change happen. If you know someone who is dedicating their time to a meaningful cause, let them know you value what they do! 






Volunteering builds confidence. Seeing the difference volunteers make and what they can accomplish is empowering!

Giving the gift of literacy opens up worlds of opportunity. If someone you know helps teach these kinds of skills, take a minute and let them know how much you value what they do! 






Volunteering builds competence. Volunteers gain experience, skills, and knowledge!

Many Canadians are committed to volunteer leadership and development, strengthening the next generation to lead and build. If you know someone like that, make it clear how valuable you think this wonderful work is! 





Volunteering builds connections. Volunteers meet like-minded people, gain a sense of belonging, and make life-long friendships!

Linking people to information, organizations and each other is critical to improving our quality of life, our environment, and our world. If you know a volunteer that likes to bring people together, say “Thanks”! 







Volunteering builds community: Volunteers have a vision for their community and work to make it a reality!

Creating communities is about building, healing, respecting, and rebuilding. If you know a volunteer working on community-building, tell that person how much you value their contribution!