Value of Volunteering Wheel

Value of Volunteering Wheel

The Value of Volunteering Wheel illustrates the many benefits of volunteering to building confidence, competence, connections, and community. It also serves as a portal to research that examines the social and economic value to organizations, neighbourhoods, businesses, society-at-large and to volunteers themselves.

By clicking on the different sections within the document or scrolling down, you can explore this field from many angles.

Please share any additional studies with us so that we can keep the wheels turning!

Interested in learning more about the Value of Volunteering in all its shapes and forms?

Register for a FREE Webinar on October 18th at 1pm ET offered by Charity Village. This webinar will provide an overview of the models and tools available to measure impact, provide highlights from the Conference Board of Canada’s recent discussion paper, The Value of Volunteering in Canada as well as the Value of Volunteering Wheel.









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