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Under Our Wing Insurance

Volunteers help their communities reach new heights. 

Insurance protects them and the organizations they serve, so that together they can take flight.

It’s important that board members are aware of their legal duties and obligations. Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance protects board members against any potential wrongdoing, negligence and personal financial losses on behalf of an organization. To learn more about the responsibilities and liabilities of board members, click here.

Protect your organization and your volunteers

Members of Volunteer Canada have exclusive access to Under Our Wing insurance. This unique and affordable group insurance program is designed specifically for non-profit and charitable organizations and their volunteers. Under Our Wing offers:

  1. Directors’ and Officers’ (D&O) Liability Insurance
    Your organization and its trustees, directors and officers may be exposed to financial loss if a claim is made alleging damages resulting from board or managerial decisions (for instance: allegations of wrongful dismissal, financial mismanagement or employee discrimination). D&O insurance covers the costs of legal defense and financial losses arising from trustees’, directors’ and officers’ wrongful acts. Click here to learn more about D&O insurance, the responsibility and liability of volunteer board members and the coverage and premium discounts available through the Under Our Wing program.
    • Automatically included at no additional cost in the Under Our Wing D&O policy are:
      • Unlimited access to a Legal Advice Helpline (1-877-832-7534)
      • Cyber Security and Privacy Liability 
      • Comprehensive Legal Expense Insurance 
    • Office Package
      Office Package protects your office and its contents from losses associated with property damage and crime. It also provides coverage if your organization is sued for bodily injuries to a third party that occur within your workplace, and injuries or damages caused by your employees/volunteers elsewhere. Click here to learn more.
    • Special Events Coverage
      Protect your organization from the onsite risks associated with events such as conferences and fundraisers. These include potential claims resulting from third-party bodily injury or property damage. Click here to learn more.

For more information on the Under Our Wing group insurance program, contact BMS Group at or 1-844-294-2715.

Under Our Wing Insurance is a partnership between Volunteer Canada and BMS Group. BMS Group is a proud member of Volunteer Canada’s Corporate Council on Volunteering