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Volunteer Canada supports organizations that work with volunteers. Many non-profits depend on our research and programs to succeed. Through our work, we show Canada how to reach its potential through volunteering. A Volunteer Canada membership demonstrates the value your organization places on volunteerism.

You will be in good company with over 1,200 other proud Volunteer Canada members who have this to say about membership.

Membership Benefits


► Protect your organization with up to 30% off a group insurance plan, including National Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance, a National Office Package and Special Events Coverage.

Automatically included at no additional cost in the Under Our Wing D&O policy are:

  • Unlimited access to a Legal Advice Helpline (1-877-832-7534)
  • Cyber Security and Privacy Liability
  • Comprehensive Legal Expense Insurance 

► Cyber and Privacy Coverage

Non-profit and charitable organizations face the same threat of a cyber breach as governments and big businesses yet are often not prepared to deal with the technical and financial consequences.

Through your participation in Volunteer Canada’s “Under Our Wing” insurance program, your Directors’ and Officers’ (D&O) Liability insurance automatically includes $100,000 of Cyber and Privacy coverage. The policy will cover expenses related to your legal defence and will pay damages awarded to the individuals whose private and personal information was compromised. It will even pay for costs to notify the individuals whose information was compromised and costs to hire a public relations firm to repair any damage to your organization’s reputation.

Having minimum controls in place can prevent most privacy or data breach events, but being prepared and knowing how to react following a breach is crucial to safeguarding your organization. Please click on the link below for further information about this important area of coverage.

Download: Cyber Security and Privacy Risk:  Vulnerability in the Non-Profit and Charitable Sector

► Unlimited Telephone Legal Advice for Volunteer Canada Members

Have a legal issue and don’t know who to call?

As a member of Volunteer Canada, you face a variety of legal risks on a daily basis. Your Legal Expense Insurance (LEI) policy empowers you to defend or pursue your legal rights when you are facing common legal issues, such as criminal investigations at work, bodily injury, tax audits and more. Your LEI policy also gives you unlimited access to a general Legal Advice Helpline to discuss any legal matter, even if it is not covered by your policy.

More information about the Legal Advice Helpline.

CVA Credential

► 10% discount on the "Certified in Volunteer Administration" credential registration fees.

Code Audit

► Access to the Code Audit to help your organization assess its volunteer program based on the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement

Grant Connect

► You’re looking for new funders. They’re looking for you, too.

As a Volunteer Canada member, you will receive 15% off your first 1 year Grant Connect Essential plan. With a Grant Connect subscription, you’ll uncover new opportunities and zero in on the right prospects for your organization. It’s how thousands of charities and non-profits are winning grants and spending less time doing it.
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More Benefits:

  • Discounted access to Volunteer Canada's special events
  • National Volunteer Week marketing tools mailed to you
  • Media monitoring reports on the voluntary sector provided by Volunteer Canada

Membership Categories

PLEASE NOTE: For the first time in 14 years, there is a small increase in our membership fees in order to cover the costs of our membership services. Memberships fees are listed below. 


Any person or organization (charitable or non-profit)


Volunteer Centre

A registered organization whose mandate includes the local or provincial promotion of volunteerism and/or aiding in collecting and promoting various volunteer opportunities in its respective area





All Volunteer Canada memberships are valid for one year from the date acquired or renewed. You will receive a member certificate in the mail. We offer a 30-day grace period, after which the membership will expire if it isn’t renewed.

Refunds: A member may cancel a membership at any time by calling or emailing Volunteer Canada. In such cases, all member benefits shall cease. Refunds may be granted within four months of purchase, less a $25 administrative fee. To apply for a refund, submit the request in writing, citing the reasons for termination. A decision will be made within four weeks. Volunteer Canada reserves the right to deny a refund.