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Canadian Institute for Business and Community Engagement

Thanks to the RBC Foundation’s generous support, Volunteer Canada and Carleton University have established the Canadian Institute for Business and Community Engagement. The purpose of the Institute is to provide businesses and non-profit organizations with knowledge, tools and resources in the field of corporate community investment, through a Canadian lens.

Why an Institute?

In 2010, five million employed Canadians reported receiving support from their workplaces to volunteer in the community.

Businesses have recognized the benefits of collaborating with community organizations including: increased productivity, improved talent recruitment and retention, lower absenteeism and a positive public image.

Community organizations have also recognized the benefits of engaging with businesses including: accessing specialized skills, building organizational capacity and enhancing public awareness.

In order for these relationships to be successful, a common language is needed. Alignment among the objectives of the business and the community organization is also required. The Institute responds to these specific needs that exist in the Canadian landscape.

How will the Institute serve businesses and community organizations?

The Institute’s activities fall into one of the following 3 streams:


For more information:

Paula Speevak
President and CEO 
Volunteer Canada
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