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Canada's 150th Anniversary

What will the world of volunteering look like in 2017 when Canada turns 150?

In 2011, we brought together leaders across all sectors to discuss how we can integrate community involvement into Canada's plans. Together with the Governor General of Canada, we posed two key questions to consider:

  • What will volunteering look like in 2017?
  • How can we ensure that volunteerism is at the forefront of celebrations?

Key observations on the future of volunteering

A few main themes emerged:

What will volunteering look like in 2017?

  • As our population ages, Canadian youth will play an important role in the future of volunteering.
  • Technology will be prominent in both the recruitment and engagement of volunteers.
  • We will see increased collaboration and partnership between sectors (voluntary, government and corporate).

How can we ensure that volunteerism is at the forefront of Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations?

  • Use a broader definition of volunteering that recognizes formal and informal efforts
  • Celebrate the contributions of newcomers
  • Tell Canada’s volunteering success story in a clear and compelling manner

Access our full report, which explores these themes in more depth: The World of Volunteering in 2017 and Beyond.

You can also consult our article published in The Philanthropist in 2013: Volunteering: A Catalyst for Citizen Engagement, Social Inclusion, and Resilient Communities.

The Canada 150 logo

The Canada 150 logo is now available for everyone to use. For more information, consult the detailed instructions on how to apply.

150 Years of Canadian Volunteering History

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