International Volunteer Managers Day


International Volunteer Managers Day (IVMD) 

Why We Celebrate

Volunteer Canada recognizes the importance of celebrating volunteers. But what about the people who manage volunteer programs?

Managers of volunteers work hard to make sure volunteer programs run smoothly. They care about keeping volunteers fulfilled and engaged. Volunteers who feel fulfilled in their roles are more likely to stick to their volunteer commitments.

That's something worth celebrating, too.

IVMD 2021

This year’s theme is “What Is Excellence? – Pushing us beyond the ordinary”

"We believe it is time to reflect upon what ‘excellence’ really means for our profession, and work towards creating some common language around this important topic.

Over the coming months we will look to provide some stimulating debate on many different aspects of just what does constitute ‘excellence in volunteer engagement’.

For example, what does excellence look like in:

  • Volunteer leadership?
  • Volunteer management certifications and learning?
  • Diversity and equity?
  • Managing up?
  • Meaningful engagement?
  • Embracing technology and systems?"

- Website: Volunteer Managers Day 

The History of International Volunteer Managers Day

  • International Volunteer Managers Day (IMVD) takes place on November 5.
  • Nan Hawthorn, a volunteer management professional based in the United States, founded the event in 1999.
  • IMVD used to take place as part of International Volunteer Day, which occurs on the same date, but in 2006 it became a standalone event.
  • Today, the event is celebrated in 18 countries worldwide.

For more information, visit the IVMD website.