The Canopy Collective

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The Canopy Collective (TCC) members come together to support each other in our shared objective of accelerating the positive social and environmental impact of business. TCC focuses on strengthening and promoting effective partnerships between business and community organizations. 

Individually, members of TCC work uniquely with businesses to advance their positive impact: from consulting and program execution; to convening communities of practice and events; to offering learning and development programs; to producing research, standards and thought-leadership. Collectively, we share a vision of businesses as effective, insightful, and collaborative corporate citizens.

Our activities include: sharing business, cause, and community insights from our individual work; coordinated calendaring on events for ESG professionals; collaborating on events, campaigns and projects; direct referrals to each other’s programs and services; promoting events and learning opportunities of other members; and joint research and funding proposals. TCC meets approximately 4 times per year to share trends, gaps, updates and opportunities to collaborate. Membership is currently by invitation only.

How can TCC help your company?

The members of TCC offer a variety of services, programs, learning and memberships opportunities to advance your corporate social responsibility/ ESG/ societal purpose goals. Please contact members directly to discover how to strengthen your company’s social and environmental impact.    


Category and Area of Focus


Regular Learning Programs/Events

Membership Opportunities

Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR)

Association/Consultancy for: CSR/ESG Program Strategy, Research and Learning Communications

  • National Intra-Industry Network of 60 business leaders sharing with and learning from one another.
  • Consulting to advance Net Zero strategies, diversity and inclusion programs, sustainable supply chains, and ESG disclosure.
  • Communications support to reach audiences with sustainable business milestones and content across multiple platforms.
  • Research & Resources to build strategic insight into best practices and emerging trends
  • Pipelines & Turbines is a podcast collaboration between CBSR and AFARA, to explore leading energy and sustainability insights and progress with special guests every two weeks.

  • Webinars are offered throughout the year with sustainable business leaders, providing insights and expertise.

Two CBSR Annual Membership Programs

  • For: Corporate or for small and medium enterprise (SME) leaders looking to join a supportive community that is working to make Canadian business a force for good.
  • Key benefits: Quarterly roundtables, working groups, webinars, exclusive research, consulting time, communications support, and passes to GLOBE Series events.
Imagine Canada

Non-profit for: CSR leadership, Research and Learning

  • Research on the latest trends and happenings on corporate community investment activities.

  • Caring Company Certification for companies looking to convey to key audiences (e.g., customers, employees, shareholders) that they are leaders in corporate community investment. 

  • Town Halls for corporate community investment professionals.


Institute for Community Prosperity, Mount Royal University


Higher Education for: Research and Learning

  • Scans of trends and emerging issues (social, cultural, economic, technological, ecological, political and civil society) for philanthropic and corporate community partners.
  • Online Extension Certificate in Community Investment for new or aspiring professionals in corporate philanthropy, citizenship or giving.

  • A 5-part workshop series for practitioners in the Economics of Social Change. 

  • Certificate-based, undergraduate and bespoke learning in social innovation and systems thinking, including corporate social innovation.


LBG Canada


Association/Consultancy for: Corporate Community Investment Reporting Disclosure,

Impact Reporting.

  • Trusted, credible and accountable third-party audit of community investment portfolio.

  • Data-driven analysis of community investment, volunteering and employee giving programming.

  • Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and capacity-building.

  • Best practice guidance for companies reporting on social investment to DJSI, GRI, Imagine Canada and other ESG frameworks.

  • Networking opportunities for community investment professionals.
  • Curated discussions on emerging topics.
  • Regular collaborations with industry partners on topics of member interest.
  • Impact reporting framework for community investment, social procurement, social innovation, Indigenous investment and social finance.

LBG Canada Network - Canada’s professional association for community investment practitioners.

  • For: Leading companies that are committed to investing in the success of their communities.
  • Key Benefits: Credibility in external reporting through third-party audit and assurance, increased visibility of community & social investment activities, knowledge development through access to expert coach and industry data, professional association of community investment practitioners.
MaRS Discovery District

Consultancy for: Social Innovation and Investment, CSR/ESG Program Strategy, Research and Learning, and Talent Recruitment 

  • Corporate Innovation Programs provides opportunities for companies to benefit from engagement with start-ups as disruptors.

  • Innovation Consulting provides support to corporates in innovation strategy, capacity building, adoption and convening coalitions for systems change and impact metrics.

  • Business for Purpose Network (B4PN) is a movement of organizations supporting business as a force for good by putting purpose at the core of their work. Weekly e-newsletter features top 5 articles, events, and trends.

  • A comprehensive offering of online courses and hosts approximately 2,000 events a year.

First Adopter Program

  • For: Visionary business leaders
  • Key benefits: Connect with the latest innovations in enterprise software, meet with companies that can help solve business challenges, improve efficiency and boost revenue.

Public Inc. 

Impact Agency (strategy + creative) for: Brand Strategy, Purpose Strategy,

Community Impact Strategy + Creative, ESGCommunications

Creative Services,
Marketing and Advertising

  • Consulting and creative services for companies, non-profits and governments interested in advancing social and environmental issues and engaging audiences.
  • Develop and implement purpose strategies for corporate brands.
  • Develop and implement community impact strategies for companies.
  • Develop social and environmental creative impact campaigns for companies, non-profits and governments.
  • Develop and implement ESG communications and activations for businesses.
  • Public Lab for social impact, sustainability and marketing professionals working in companies.  

  • Hosts a series of in person (TO, NYC, SF) and online gatherings to network, share advice and discuss relevant and topical issues, followed by open, honest and enriching conversations with practitioners across sectors and functions.


Realized Worth

Consultancy for: Corporate Community Engagement, Corporate Citizenship, Corporate Volunteering, Research and Learning

  • Consulting on transformative employee-led volunteering programs.
  • Training for employee volunteer leaders.
  • Virtual Volunteering Accelerator to build a purpose-driven virtual employee volunteering program.
  • Workshops for volunteer program development.
  • Diagnostics services for employee volunteering or giving programs and platforms.
  • Presentations on the practice and potential of Transformative Volunteering.
  • RealTalk Webinar Series: Realized Worth's newest webinar series is a forum for honest conversations about the challenges and opportunities we face in corporate volunteering and CSR. Every quarter, we'll tackle tough topics, together. We can’t promise solutions, but we can promise to keep it real.
  • The Listen Up! Show presented by RW Institute and the Impact Council Network hosts provocative conversations with leaders in corporate citizenship. focused on trends and best practices in employee giving and volunteering. Presentations are followed by an open discussion for questions and additional insight.


The Conference Board of Canada

Non-Profit for: Applied Research and Insights on Sustainability, Canadian Economics, Education and Skills, Human Resources, Immigration, Inclusion, Indigenous and Northern Communities, Innovation and Technology, Health

  • Hosts executive council meetings, leadership roundtables, conferences, and webinars. These events feature industry experts who offer their best advice, research, and insights—all in the name of helping Canadians tackle their most complex challenges.

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Council

  • For: Corporate sustainability leaders who are seeking to drive meaningful change in their organizations and communities.

  • Key benefits: Networking, learning from expert speakers, and sharing best practices with peers through regular meetings, which focus on integrating ESG into corporate strategies and decision-making.

University of St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto, Graduate Diploma in Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Higher Education for: Research and Learning


  • A “work as you learn” program that enables participants to take their career in Social Responsibility and Sustainability to the next level.
  • Experience practical real world change management through the ExperienceChange™ and MIT’s En-ROADS Climate Simulations.
  • Tackle and resolve a Sustainability/ESG challenge in your company in a major Action Project under the mentorship of faculty and co-learners.
  • Graduates receive the post-nominal letters G.Dipl.SR&S.


Volunteer Canada

Non-Profit/Consultancy for: Corporate Community Engagement Research and Learning, Business Professionals and Community of Practice

  • The ChangeMakers@Work Webinar Series provides expertise to Canadian companies on corporate community engagement, with a focus ways companies can catalyze their stakeholders. Presenters kick-off discussion on corporate social responsibility, employer-supported volunteering and giving, and other related topics.

Corporate Community Engagement Council

  • For: Companies looking for a community of practice focused on practices to engage employees and other stakeholders in community (volunteering, donating, learning, etc.).
  • Key benefits: Monthly meetings, semi-annual conferences, 10 consulting hours, annual member benchmarking.

Employer Membership

  • For: Companies wanting to be connected to the latest corporate community engagement research and learning opportunities.