Leadership transition at Volunteer Canada

A Message from the Board Chair and President & CEO

Volunteer Canada is embarking on a leadership transition, as we prepare for Paula Speevak to leave her position of President and CEO in the fall. “I hope you will all join me to support her decision and wish her the very best. Paula has been the driver of so much of Volunteer Canada's current success and her skill sets and contributions will be missed,” said Jane Hennig, chair, in her notice to the board.

Paula Speevak has provided leadership for the sector at Volunteer Canada for over 11 years and was part of the Volunteer Centre community for over 30 years. Her contributions are valued and respected across sectors and across our nation.

“In making this decision, I am filled with gratitude for having had such meaningful work and the opportunity to contribute to an organization that I hold close to my heart. While I plan to remain active in the sector, I am seeking a different balance of family, work, and community involvement,” Paula shares. 

The board of directors has struck a transition team to recruit a new President and CEO, to lead the organization into a new chapter in our history. Paula and the staff team will be supporting a smooth transition to facilitate knowledge transfer and connections with key stakeholders.

Volunteer Canada is well positioned is to play a leadership role in working with key stakeholders in the public, private, and non-profit sector to co-create a Canadian Voluntary Action Strategy. Inspired by our international counterparts in Australia, Ireland, and Nigeria, the future of volunteering is calling for us to embrace informal volunteering and organic movements more fully with an overlay of social justice, diversity, and youth engagement.  Propelled by the energy created by the great disruption of the pandemic, we are looking to our next season to harvest the learnings as a springboard for the future of volunteering in Canada.

We look forward to an opportunity to celebrate the contributions that Paula has made to Volunteer Canada and to introduce you to our new President and CEO.

Jane Hennig, Board Chair              
Paula Speevak, President & CEO