Volunteer Canada Partners with Federal Government to Create a National Volunteer Action Strategy

Federal Budget 2024 commits $400,000 for Volunteer Canada to develop plans to revitalize Canada’s critical volunteer sector

Ottawa, April 16, 2024 – Today Volunteer Canada welcomed the federal government’s announcement of $400,000 to fund the development of a National Volunteer Action Strategy as part of Budget 2024. Volunteer Canada is ready to lead the creation of this strategy with the federal government and our partners across the country.

The goal of the National Volunteer Action Strategy is to build belonging and inclusion by making volunteering more accessible and sustainable so that everyone in Canada can volunteer more easily or benefit from the work they do. 

Volunteering rates are down significantly across Canada since the pandemic—meaning many communities have to go without the key services those volunteers used to provide. 

“Every single moment volunteered by Canadians matters. The contributions they make ease loneliness, address challenges, and create a stronger, more connected Canada,” said Lisa Mort-Putland, Volunteer Canada’s Board Chair. “Creating a National Action Strategy is the best opportunity we’ve had to set out a bold new vision for volunteering in the past 60 years – and it will set us on a new path for decades to come.”

“Volunteering is a more powerful driver of opportunity and growth than most people realize,” added Dr. Megan Conway, Volunteer Canada’s President and CEO. “Volunteering makes a huge impact on our economy. Charities and non-profits alone contribute almost as much to Canada’s GDP as the financial services and oil and gas sectors combined. In short, volunteering is good for individuals  – and it’s good for Canada, too.”

This important announcement coincides with the start of Canada’s National Volunteer Week. The federal funding will be used for research and consultation for the strategy and to develop pilot programs to help develop tools, resources, and scalable pathways to help more people become volunteers.

As Canada marks this year’s National Volunteer Week, charities and non-profits across our country face enormous challenges. The demand for their services is rising, but more than half of Canada’s organizations that rely on volunteers don’t have the people or donations to meet the demand.

That’s why Volunteer Canada launched A Roadmap to Meet the Moment: Co-Creating a National Volunteer Action Strategy for Canada at the end of last year. The Roadmap identifies gaps, assets, and opportunities in several areas–including funding and volunteer infrastructure for charities and non-profits.

“Sometimes we only notice volunteers when they’re not there – and right now, the gap is noticeable,” said Dr. Conway. “This new strategy will put a renewed emphasis on the sector, and drive recruitment and growth in the years ahead. We are pleased the federal government is making this important effort a priority in this Budget.”  


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Dr. Megan Conway 

President and CEO 

Volunteer Canada Welcomes Two New Staff Members

The Volunteer Canada team is growing! Please join us in welcoming Judith Oviosun and Anita Newling! We are thrilled to have each of them contribute their talent and skills to our team and continue to create impact across Canada.


Judith Oviosun - Membership and Engagement Manager

Judith is a dedicated Community Engagement & Education Specialist with a robust background in advocacy campaigns, project management, and stakeholder relations.  With a wealth of experience in her field, Judith has led the development of numerous impactful advocacy campaigns, mobilizing members and stakeholders to enact positive change. She excels in translating complex research into actionable initiatives and has a proven track record of effective communication and collaboration. Judith is known for her strategic approach, strong leadership skills, and passion for social justice. She is committed to making a positive impact in her community and beyond, leveraging her expertise to advocate for meaningful change. 



Anita Newling - Intergenerational Initiative Manager

Anita is a community builder who strives to create safe, inclusive environments, where all folks can thrive. As a paediatric nurse, educator and mental health advocate, Anita has used her creativity and forward-thinking approach to drive change and development across multiple sectors. Fostering the power of intergenerational (IG) relationships has been an important thread through Anita’s work. She has led multiple IG projects, and in 2022 obtained her International Certification in Intergenerational Practice from Generations Working Together in Scotland. Anita advocates for intergenerational volunteering locally and nationally and is a member of the National IG Community of Practice. Anita enjoys the intergenerational experience of community theatre and volunteers her time both on and off the stage


We are so thrilled to have these two new additions on board the Volunteer Canada team. 

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