Skills-Based Volunteering

Volunteers can bring their own skills and experience to a volunteer role. Motivations for volunteering are diverse. While some aim to learn new skills and aptitudes through volunteering, others seek to apply their specialized skills in their volunteer role.

Today, more and more people wish to apply specific skills to their volunteer work. Doing so can help hone those skills. And it can be great experience to put on a résumé. At the same time, the organization benefits from expert input. Skills-based volunteering benefits the volunteer, the organization and the community.

Examples of skills based volunteers include...

  • A student looking to apply their social media skills at a local organization with a goal of further developing their resume 
  • A young adult volunteering with their mother at an ESL conversation series for new comers
  • A recent teacher retiree offering volunteer mentoring at an after school program
  • A senior volunteering on the board of their condo association applying their previous career experience as an Executive Director