NVW 2021

National Volunteer Week 2021

April 18-24, 2021

The National Volunteer Week theme for 2021, The Value of One, The Power of Many, reflects on the awe-inspiring acts of kindness by millions of individuals AND the magic that happens when we work together towards a common purpose.  This past year, we have seen people supporting family, friends, neighbours, and strangers, people standing up to systemic racism, and people sharing insights on how to create a more just and equitable society.  We recognize the value of the caring and compassion that each one has shown another, and we recognize the power of people, organizations, and sectors working together.  

The power of people working together can bring about monumental changes.  We have seen people work together on legislative changes related to impaired driving, same sex marriage, and assisted dying.

The theme is a nod to our past, a reflection of our present, and a wink to our future. The Value of One, the Power of Many was the theme for National Volunteer Week in 2001, The International Year of Volunteers. It beautifully reflects the individual and collective efforts, we have seen during the pandemic, and it sets the tone for re-imagining the next 20 years as the value of one act and the power of many enables us to thrive together.

National Volunteer Week Kick-off Event Recording

  • Hosted by Volunteer Canada, in collaboration with Employment and Social Development Canada.

Leadership from the public, private, and non-profit reflected on Nigeria's National Inclusive Volunteerism Strategy, as we kicked off National Volunteer Week.

Civil society depends upon responsive governments, thriving business, and a resilient non-profit sector working together.  It was all-in as leaders from the Volunteer Centre Council, the Corporate Community Engagement Council, Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada, and our counterparts in provincial and territorial governments and federal departments explored what a Canadian Voluntary Action Strategy could look like.

Presentation: Overview of the National Policy on Inclusive Volunteerism for Nigeria and its Plan of Action

National Volunteer Week 2021