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Corporate Community Engagement Council

Corporate Community Engagement Council LogoThe Corporate Community Engagement Council (CCEC), formerly the Corporate Council on Volunteering, works collaboratively to deliver strong leadership in the area of corporate citizenship in Canada, particularly in employee community engagement.

Going beyond volunteering to look at corporate community engagement more broadly, this leadership group brings together a diverse and talented group of representatives to:

  • Learn together in a supportive peer environment 
  • Benefit from Volunteer Canada's experience and consultation services
  • Generate and promote thought-leadership on corporate community engagement practices 
  • Support Volunteer Canada’s mission 


Key Benefits to CCEC Companies:


Council membership

Join the Council

Annual CCEC company membership - $10,000

For small companies with up to 100 employees - $ 4,000

Call us to discuss how the Corporate Community Engagement Council can breathe new life into your company’s corporate community engagement program.

Contact Elizabeth Dove, Director of Corporate Citizenship at 416-574-1936 or edove [at] volunteer [dot] ca.


CCEC Membership Benefit Details

Community of Practice

Develop connections with diverse leaders in the field of corporate community engagement, sharing to share experiences and resources through face-to-face gatherings, virtual and informal opportunities.  

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Professional Development

  • Share, learn and connect at two annual 2-day gatherings.  As many as three company representatives can attend each event at no charge.
  • Access 8 to 10 hour-long webinars per year on best practices for engaging employees and other stakeholders in community.
  • Easily obtain professional development resources from past events through the CCEC Online Resource Package. 
  • Take advantage of discounts to other CSR industry events.

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Tailored Support

Advance your company program with 10 hours of expert program development consultation by Volunteer Canada (5 hours for Small Company members).

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Leadership Opportunities

  • Participate in the creation of studies, tools, and standards with other Council members to advance the field of corporate community engagement.
  • Present at local and national business and community events on behalf of the Council.
  • Mentor Volunteer Canada Business Members trying to improve or start company programs.
  • Provide input into government policy as a part of the government relations work of Volunteer Canada.

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  • Benchmark your program through our exclusive annual CCEC Member Practice Survey results.
  • Enjoy 8-10 Corporate Citizenship focused blogs annually, sent directly to your inbox.
  • Stay up to date with bi-weekly media monitoring reports with salient issues and trends in volunteerism.
  • Get the scoop with 2-3 “insider” webinars annually, exclusively for CCEC members on policy issues, opportunities, and more.

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National Volunteer Week Resources

  • National Volunteer Week (NVW) marketing tools mailed to you.
  • Advanced access to the NVW online gift store.

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Demonstrable support to Volunteer Canada’s mission

Demonstrate the value your organization places on volunteerism and community engagement while helping Volunteer Canada increase the participation, quality and diversity of volunteer experiences in Canada.

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