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I Want to Volunteer

Impact of COVID-19 on Volunteer Engagement Survey - Share your opinion!
Volunteer Canada, in collaboration with the Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada, needs your help to better understand the impact of COVID-19 on volunteer engagement.
Complete this brief survey today and circulate it to your networks. If you represent a non-profit organization, if you are a volunteer or you attempted to volunteer during COVID-19, we would like to hear from you. 

COVID-19 Volunteering Opportunities  Virtual Volunteering Opportunities

The outpouring of support and generosity of people helping others within the uncertainty and anxiety that this public health emergency has created is nothing other than awe-inspiring.  We applaud all those who reach out to others, whether within their networks of family, friends and neighbours or through non-profit organizations and public agencies.  The expertise of volunteer centres, volunteer resource managers, and corporate community engagement professionals can go a long way to increasing safety for volunteers and those being helped. 

Volunteer Canada is currently listing sites for people interested in COVID-19 response volunteer opportunities that are connected to local volunteer centres. This is because volunteer centres know the organizations in their communities and are vetting the opportunities for safety and quality. Volunteer centres also provide resources to organizations on screening, volunteer safety, virtual volunteering, and other key volunteer engagement practices. The leadership of volunteer centres increases the safety and quality of the volunteer experience for both the volunteer and those they are helping. 

Did You Know?

Volunteer Canada works with over 200 volunteer centres nationwide!

Start with your local volunteer centre

Volunteer centres facilitate connections between people with volunteer opportunities. They also promote volunteering and build the capacity of organizations to engage volunteers. Importantly, they provide leadership on issues related to volunteering and citizen engagement.

Volunteer Centres work in local communities to strengthen volunteering and citizen engagement. With more than 200 in Canada, each volunteer centre’s name, size, structure and services reflect the unique characteristics of their community.

Many volunteer centres are independent non-profit organizations, while others are part of a United Way, Social Planning Council, Community Information and Referral Centre or municipal services. Though diverse in many ways, they share the following common functions:

  • Promote volunteering
  • Build the capacity of organizations to engage volunteers
  • Facilitate connections between people with volunteer opportunities
  • Provide leadership on issues related to volunteering and citizen engagement

If you want to volunteer, your local volunteer centre is there to connect you to opportunities in your community. It may have a database of volunteer opportunities or can connect you directly to opportunities within its member organizations.

If you are an organization, your local volunteer centre may offer workshops on volunteer engagement, post your volunteer positions on its database or help you network with other volunteer-involving organizations.

There are many other activities that volunteer centres involve themselves in, including but not limited to :

  • employee volunteering project management
  • community service learning initiatives
  • volunteer resource management for various programs and initiatives
  • research
  • community leadership programs 
  • public policy dialogues.

Find out more about Volunteer Centres and where to find them!

Why Volunteer?

Volunteers build resilient communities

More than half of Canada’s 161,000 non-profit and charitable organizations have no paid staff and rely solely on volunteers. 12.7 million volunteers contribute close to 2 billion hours annually. Imagine what your community would look like if all that went away?

Volunteers help improve quality of life for others. They also gain valuable experience and develop new skills. As well, studies show that involved Canadians enjoy an improved overall health.

Find a Volunteer Opportunity

The Pan Canadian Matching Platform was created in collaboration with volunteer centres across Canada. It lists thousands of volunteer opportunities on one platform, from organizations across the country.  It’s a great place to start your search for a volunteer opportunity!

Take the Volunteer Quiz

The Volunteer Quiz is an interactive tool that allows you to find out what type of volunteering opportunity suits you.


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