Volunteer recognition begins during the recruitment process.

Understanding what volunteers look for in the volunteer experience, along with being flexible by offering the types of roles they want, are types of recognition.

Our research shows that most volunteers want to know the impact of their efforts.

Organizations can recognize volunteers by acknowledging their individual contributions. Let your volunteers know the impact they have on your organization’s mission and in the community.

National Volunteer Week is the time to formally recognize volunteers across Canada. However, on-going recognition is crucial to make volunteers feel appreciated and engaged year-round.

Volunteer Canada offers a variety of tools and resources to help manage your volunteer recognition program.  

Experience Plus (EXP+)

Experience Plus (EXP+) is a program that allows organizations to recognize the value of volunteer experience in a concrete manner. Volunteers receive appropriate and accurate recognition for their accomplishments, relating these to Employment and Social Development Canada’s National Occupational Classification system. Instead of a certificate or a letter stating the number of hours or types of tasks performed by a volunteer, the result is a more official document that demonstrates the value of a volunteer’s experience to current or prospective employers. 

Information and instructions on how to use the program are online and available at www.experienceplus.ca.



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