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As a member of Volunteer Canada, you can connect with our experts to learn more about programs, innovations, training and standards for creating a robust volunteering program tailored to your organization. Join a national network of companies to share insights, access training and consultation, and become part of the movement to transform communities. It’s good for people, it’s good for business and it’s good for Canada. Join the movement.
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We offer a range of membership options and resources through our corporate services to help you create meaningful impact in your communities and meet your social purpose goals. Volunteer Canada’s experts can evaluate your goals against your volunteer capacity and can help you strike the right balance for your organization.

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Program Development
& Peer Networking

A Volunteer Canada corporate membership offers you opportunities to exchange innovative ideas and can equip your organization with the capacity to create positive social change in your community.

Participating companies can gain valuable insights into industry best practices, allowing them to build, champion and evaluate their volunteering program, increase brand visibility, and positively contribute to addressing complex issues in communities across Canada.

Membership options are available for companies of all sizes and can be scaled to meet organizational needs.

Membership Benefits

Volunteer Canada’s corporate members become a part of the Corporate Community Engagement Council, an exclusive national community of sector professionals who share, challenge and test solutions, and who set standards for corporate volunteerism. In addition, members take advantage of the following benefits:

Consulting Services

Our consultants can help you create a successful volunteering program. Gain insights into global trends and innovations and turn them into actionable strategies that align with your company’s volunteering goals and can be scaled to fit your needs.

Our consulting services provide strategic advantages in several key areas:

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Group Volunteering Facilitation

As the only national non-profit focused on the volunteering sector, we specialize in connecting companies with non-profit partners to drive positive change across Canada.

Align your social impact goals and create a bridge between your team and the community with our organized volunteering events.

Here’s how Volunteer Canada can help:

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Volunteer Canada works with social impact leaders across Canada to develop research, guidelines and policy that influences all areas of the sector, including corporate volunteering.

Our leadership partners provide invaluable guidance by underwriting research, participating in working groups and championing programs. Volunteer Canada’s corporate citizenship initiatives offer a national opportunity to shape the conversation on volunteering and can help align your brand with a bold vision for community resilience.

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