Virtual Volunteering

Virtual volunteering is done online, via computers, tablets, or smartphones, usually off-site from the non-profit organization being supported. 

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Virtual Volunteering FAQs

What are the benefits of virtual volunteering?

Virtual volunteering is flexible, often allowing the volunteer to complete a task or project around their own schedule. It is also not limited by geography, physical ability or work arrangement. You can choose to volunteer for an organization in your local community, across the country or across the globe all without needing to leave your home.

What is the time commitment?

Virtual volunteers can complete one-time, short-term or ongoing tasks and projects. You may choose to volunteer once to write a blog, over a few months to design a website or on an ongoing basis as a tutor supporting a student for one hour per week over a school year.

What skills do I want to share or learn in my volunteering?

Consider the types of skills and talents you would like to share or learn through your volunteering and match them to the needs of a non-profit organization. Some people want to share their professional skills, others would rather share talents not related to their profession. Some are seeking to learn a new skill or build work experience. Many opportunities are skills-based and can include pro bono projects.

Applying for a virtual volunteering opportunity?

As with any volunteer opportunity, there are steps to ensure a good match and a safe experience for the volunteer and the non-profit organization. Some opportunities require specific expertise and screening, others don’t. Depending on the position or task, this may include some or all of the following:

  • Completing an online application form
  • Sending your resume and references
  • Meeting/connecting for an interview (by phone or online)
  • Getting a Police Record Check, or a Vulnerable Sector Check
  • Completing an online orientation
  • Participating in position-specific training

Examples of Virtual Volunteering

Individuals engaged in virtual volunteering can take on a variety of activities and projects from one-time to long term and everything in between. Some opportunities require specific expertise and screening, others don’t. Many opportunities are skills-based and can include pro bono projects. Here are some examples:

  • social media strategy development
  • technology assessments
  • employee handbook development
  • photography
  • business or marketing plan creation
  • project proposal writing
  • financial analysis
  • graphic design
  • translation, editing or proofreading of documents
  • social media posting and blogs
  • project management plan for new program or service
  • mentoring or tutoring
  • telephone assurance for seniors

Here are a few examples of virtual volunteering opportunities available through volunteer centre platforms:

  • Telephone Reassurance Volunteer: Use your phone to connect with an isolated senior or adult with a disability and bring some light to their day!
  • Public Relations Specialist: Are you a communicator who is interested in volunteering for a young and energetic organization where you’ll enjoy flexibility in setting your own schedule and freedom to contribute your ideas? Your role will be to help support communications efforts and contribute to the development of a media relations, influencer engagement and social communications strategy.
  • Writer: Assist with writing marketing and communications documents such as newsletters, request letters, website content, and more.
  • Volunteer Social Media Specialist: Join an organization’s marketing team to produce and implement social media strategies. You could manage, maintain and grow an organization’s social media presence on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

How do I find a virtual volunteer opportunity?

Many volunteer centres across the country have volunteer matching platforms where individuals can find and apply to virtual volunteer opportunities online. If there is a specific organization you are interested in, check their website for a listing of virtual volunteer opportunities.


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