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Corporate volunteer programs can support recruitment, engagement, retention and morale, offer opportunities for professional and leadership development, and contribute positively to partnership and business development. We can work with you to create an employee volunteering program that aligns with your company’s values, resonates with your employees and embodies best practices in corporate volunteerism. As a member of Volunteer Canada, you can enjoy the benefits of a corporate community of practice, as well as tools and resources to help you create positive impact and engage in your communities in meaningful, authentic ways.

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As the national leader and voice for volunteering in Canada, we can help you connect with community partners and local volunteer centres, support the development of your corporate volunteering program, and provide resources and coaching, along with opportunities for peer networking and the sharing of best practices. Through our diverse membership, we can connect you to volunteer-led initiatives across the country. Join the movement. Connect with us to learn more about how Volunteer Canada can help you meet your corporate volunteering goals.
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Corporate Services

Volunteer Canada can create a custom plan to support your organization’s needs, wherever you are. Our experts in corporate citizenship and social impact programs can tailor our services to companies of any size, in any sector. We navigate the complexities of modern volunteerism to ensure that your employees have pathways to participation that align with their interests and your business goals. Corporate community engagement can create a more connected workplace culture, while at the same time contributing to the resilience of Canadian communities.

Connect with us to learn how Volunteer Canada can help you develop a comprehensive volunteer program for your organization or support and enhance your current offerings. 

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