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Volunteers of all ages, genders and cultures work together every day to enrich our communities. We believe that we must create the conditions so that everyone can feel welcome and be encouraged to participate. We are developing a National Volunteer Action Strategy and clear pathways to participation to help you connect and engage in your communities in meaningful ways. Learn more at VolunteerStrategy.ca

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Canada’s strength is our diversity. We embrace our unique lived experiences, knowledge and talents, and we connect with a shared purpose to solve our nation’s complex problems. Volunteer Canada has secured funding partnerships to develop pathways to participation for newcomers, older adults and youth, and we are actively seeking partnerships to support additional pathways that represent the diversity of everyone who calls Canada home. Anything is possible when we work together. Join the movement.


Volunteering is a great way to learn about your community, meet new people, develop friendships, improve language skills and gain work experience. We should all be able to participate, contribute and volunteer in ways that matter to us. Organizations can benefit from the knowledge and time newcomers contribute to their communities.

Work with us to develop clear pathways that support the participation of everyone in Canada and learn key insights about the benefits of engaging with diverse demographics.

Resources For Organizations

Resources For Newcomer Volunteers

Other Resources

Older Adults

Older adults bring decades of experience and a range of unique talents and insights to their volunteer activities. And we know that engaging in their communities helps older adults stay connected and contributes to improved well-being.

Volunteer Canada has developed a variety of tools and resources that explore opportunities to effectively engage older adults.



Young people are passionate about giving back and play a vital role in building healthy and resilient communities. Engaging youth through positive volunteer experiences can lead to lifelong involvement, keeping Canada’s voluntary sector strong.

Let’s work together to maintain a robust culture of giving in Canada.


Tools for Youth


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