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Did You Know?

Volunteer Canada works with over 200 volunteer centres nationwide (Volunteer Canada).

Welcoming Syrian refugees

As Syrian refugees arrive in Canada over the coming months, there are many ways that volunteers can help them get settled. Volunteering with an organization that supports newcomers in your area is a great way to ease their transition into the community. To find an organization supporting refugees in your province or territory, consult our list of organizations, visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada or visit the website of your municipality. 

Start with your local volunteer centre

Volunteer centres facilitate connections between people with volunteer opportunities. They also promote volunteering and build the capacity of organizations to engage volunteers. Importantly, they provide leadership on issues related to volunteering and citizen engagement.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteers build resilient communities

More than half of Canada’s 161,000 non-profit and charitable organizations have no paid staff and rely solely on volunteers. 12.7 million volunteers contribute close to 2 billion hours annually. Imagine what your community would look like if all that went away?

Volunteers help improve quality of life for others. They also gain valuable experience and develop new skills. As well, studies show that involved Canadians enjoy an improved overall health.  




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