NVW Campaign Kit


Campaign Kit

Joins us for National Volunteer Week 2018 as we “Celebrate the Value of Volunteering – building confidence, competence, connections and community”

The documents in this campaign kit are meant to help guide you in planning, promoting and executing volunteer appreciation events that are successful. Feel free to adapt them to the needs of your organization in order to create the most rewarding and meaningful campaign for your volunteers. Because ultimately, that is the goal of National Volunteer Week; celebrating and appreciating the value of the volunteers that contribute so much to our communities.


Introduction to the Campaign

Campaign Planner

Seven Questions to Ask about Your Campaign 


Tip Sheets

Social Media Tip Sheet

Media Relations Tip Sheet

Government Relations Tip Sheet



Event Planning Template | (PDF Version)

Social Media Content Bank | (PDF Version)

Letter to an Elected Official Template | (PDF Version)

Mayoral Proclamation Template | (PDF Version)

Media Release Template | (PDF Version)


To Print

NVW 2018 Poster (PDF) | (JPEG version)

Thank You Card (Bilingual)

Letterhead Template | (PDF Version)

Web Banner Image

Certificate of Volunteer Appreciation Templates